Wrist Synovitis

Wrist synoviitisOccasionally, surgical treatment may be necessary to treat wrist synovitis, or dorsal wrist syndrome, and this can be performed open or arthroscopically.

The wrist joint has a capsule that surrounds it. The capsule is lined with tissue known as synovial tissue. When the synovial tissue is “pinched” on the dorsum (top side) of the wrist, that tissue can become inflamed. This is referred to as wrist synovitis, or dorsal wrist syndrome. Synovitis can develop from acute or repetitive trauma to the wrist.

Most often, wrist synovitis can be treated without surgery. Initial treatment consists of wrist immobilization with a wrist brace at night time and application of a topical anti-inflammatory medication. Occasionally hand therapy can be implemented to help with the inflammation inside of the wrist joint.

Occasionally, surgical treatment is necessary and this can be performed open or arthroscopically. Arthroscopic surgery involves multiple small incisions to place a fiberoptic camera and instruments into the wrist joint to debride the synovitis. An open procedure can
be performed through a single incision on the top of the wrist and can often provide for a more efficient and through debridement of the joint.

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