OnMed Care Stations

Miserable cough? A headache that won't quit? Ugly-looking cut that might be infected?

Find help quickly and conveniently in the Hartford HealthCare OnMed Care Station. This is similar to a primary care visit without needing an appointment. Our virtual care experience connects you with live certified providers who can use the station’s advanced technology to examine you and provide a diagnosis and suggested treatment, including prescriptions and follow-up referrals.

OnMed Locations

How We Can Help

The medical professionals at our OnMed Care Stations can help with 85% of the concerns discussed in a typical primary care visit, including the capture of key vital signs. We can help patients age two and older, and visits are currently conducted in English.

People commonly come to OnMed for: 

  • Respiratory illness
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Heartburn
  • Infections 

If you need added care – routine cancer screenings, immunizations or help with more complex injuries and illnesses – the OnMed provider will give you a referral. E-prescriptions can be given for your preferred pharmacy or, if you’re at the Stop & Shop location, you can easily fill them at the in-store pharmacy.

What to Expect

The OnMed Care Station looks like a small doctor’s office, with seating for people waiting to be seen. The visits take place in a rear room. If the door is open, the room is available and you’re welcome to walk in.

The visit begins when you press “start” on a screen and a certified nursing assistant or certified medical assistant comes on the screen to welcome you.

They will walk you through the intake process, including:

  • Activating care station privacy features, fogging and locking the glass door to the room.
  • Completing consent forms.
  • Collecting your demographic information and medical history.
  • Verifying identification, insurance and/or payment.
  • Documenting your symptoms.
  • Collecting such vital signs as weight, temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen level.

You will then be connected to an OnMed clinician for the live virtual visit. The Care Station is equipped with a high-definition camera to help the provider better examine your skin, eyes, ears and throat if needed. The provider will then offer a diagnosis and treatment plan, including recommended medications and referrals. All visit notes are stored on your OnMed medical record.

Once the visit is done, the clinician ends the call and unlocks the door. Once you leave, the door will be briefly locked so the Care Station can be cleaned for the next patient.


The Hartford HealthCare OnMed Care Stations accept most insurance.

OnMed Care Locations

OnMed at Stop & Shop

Address: 1094 Killingly Commons Drive, Dayville, CT 06241
Mon–Sat: 8 AM–9:30 PM; Sun: 1 PM–7 PM

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