VO2 Max Testing

Sports Health: VO2 Max Testing

Testing performed to look at maximum oxygen exchange between your blood and your muscles while running, cycling, or rowing.

The testing also provides heart rate and lactate threshold which is used to improve performance and recommend training zones. 

Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing

  • Pulmonary Gas Exchange (VO2, VCO2), Anaerobic Threshold (AT)
  • Indirect Cardiac Output (Wasserman)
  • Inspiratory Capacity during exercise
  • Integrated Pulse Oximetery (SpO2)
  • Exercise Gas Exchange with Elevated FiO2

Nutritional Assessment

  • Restring Energy Expenditure (REE, RMR)
  • Indirect Calorimetry (VO2, VCO2, RQ) with mask

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