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July 12, 2024

How Summer Heat Affects Your Heart

As the temperature rises during the summer, so does the strain on your heart. Does that mean you need to [...]

July 11, 2024

Does Carb Loading Really Work?

Whether you’re an avid marathon-runner or a high school athlete, you’ve probably been told to carb load the night before [...]

July 09, 2024

6 Medications That Put You at Risk for Heat Stroke

When the temperature rises, everyone is at risk of heat exhaustion and other complications. But could your medications be putting [...]

July 08, 2024

6 Healthy Foods to Bring to the Beach

When you’re packing the car for a day at the beach, don’t forget a cooler loaded with food that will [...]

July 03, 2024

Where to Check for Skin Cancer, Based on Your Gender

We’ve all heard about the differences in how men and women think, communicate and even shop. But is the most [...]

July 01, 2024

Tips for a Safe and Healthy Fourth of July

Ready or not, the Fourth of July is here! Whether you’re in it for the barbecuing, boat rides, or just [...]


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