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Expecting Guests? How to Make Your Own COVID-Fighting Air Purifier

With small-house gatherings now the greatest source of COVID-19 spread as America moves indoors, according to the Centers for Disease [...]

With Holidays Here, When Will This Second Wave of COVID-19 Peak?

As millions of Americans defy public health officials’ recommendation that they curb travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, a Hartford HealthCare [...]

How Big is Your Thanksgiving Celebration? Use This Tool to Determine Your COVID-19 Risk

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the safest Thanksgiving is celebrated only with people in the same household, [...]

30 Percent of People With COVID-19 Show No Symptoms: Here’s Where They Carry It

We all step backward a few paces when we hear a cough or sneeze, adding distance between ourselves and the [...]

New Bradley Airport Drive-Through COVID-19 Test Site Opening Nov. 23

The Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA) and Hartford HealthCare Nov. 18 announced a drive-through testing site for COVID-19 on the Bradley [...]

A Special Freezer? That’s Only Part of the Plan to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine in State

COVID-19 vaccine development might be the national focus now, but plans for storing and distributing doses have been top-of-mind at [...]


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What is CardioMEMS? Here’s a Heart-Failure Patient’s Success

“This is going to be my first year hunting again. I’m trying to get used to having a life like [...]

Behind the Mask of a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner During COVID-19

“The patients during that time were scared. It’s overwhelming for them. It’s all unfamiliar faces and all they could see [...]

Yes, It’s Been a Weight-Gain Year. Listen to Our Doctor’s Tips.

Before you reach for that comfort food, consider that Quarantine 15. It’s real and it could be hard to shake. [...]

How This Spine-Surgery Patient Avoided Pain Meds

No pain pills post-surgery? It’s possible with a revolutionary pain management program that uses nerve-blocking to mitigate pain and reduce [...]

Headache Doctor: Why Migraine Pain Is Not ‘Just in Your Head’

“Many patients suffering from migraine are made to feel like they’re not doing something right, that the pain is ‘just [...]

10 Medical Conditions Most Likely to Affect Millennials

So often, people say “it’s an age thing,” but in the case of millennials, poor health may be directly related to their age. According to a 2019 report issued as part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Association “Health of America” research report series, millennials are less healthy than [...]

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