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Help! Guidance for the Newbie Vegetarian

At some point in the life of parenting a tween and/or teen, he or she announces they are “going vegetarian.” [...]

10 Things You’ll Need to Get Through a Second Wave of COVID-19

Haven’t we been through this before? If a second wave of COVID-19 arrives this fall, as expected, we’ll be ready. [...]

Further Review: Chiefs Coach Andy Reid and the Incredibly Foggy (and So Wrong) Face Shield

No NFL head coach is trying harder than the Kansas City Chiefs’ Andy Reid to comply with league rules about [...]

Six Tips From An Ophthalmologist to Reduce Work-at-Home Eye Strain

We’re peering at our screens in all sorts of places these days as working and learning remotely has us holed [...]

Dietary Supplements for Men: What’s Good, What’s Junk

Almost every day you see an ad or hear someone talking about taking a supplement to help with metabolism, memory [...]

PTSD from COVID-19? Here Are Four Signs.

The physical stress of infection might end, but COVID-19 patients can carry emotional scars from the experience for months and years, often in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Even once physically recovered, these people may experience lingering effects due to: A fear of dying. Social isolation from the [...]


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Headache Doctor: Why Migraine Pain Is Not ‘Just in Your Head’

“Many patients suffering from migraine are made to feel like they’re not doing something right, that the pain is ‘just [...]

10 Medical Conditions Most Likely to Affect Millennials

So often, people say “it’s an age thing,” but in the case of millennials, poor health may be directly related to their age. According to a 2019 report issued as part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Association “Health of America” research report series, millennials are less healthy than [...]

Millennial Doctor: Why Millennials Need a Primary Care Physician

What happens when millennials get their own health insurance plan? Unfortunately, not enough. They’re much less likely than Generation X (born between 1965 and 1979) to have a primary care physician. Dr. Linette Rosario is a primary care physician with the Hartford HealthCare Medical Group in Bridgeport. She’s also a [...]

What Kids Can Teach Adults . . . Through Video Games

Is it a good idea for parents to try to get in on the game – or is that sacred ground? Dr. Paul Weigle  likes the idea. “As parents. the best approach that we can take toward helping our kids develop healthy media experience habits is to be more than [...]

Here’s a Young Brain. Here’s What Happens With Too Much Screen Time.

Digital overload was almost unavoidable with all the downtime during COVID-19 self-isolation. It’s not a good thing for younger people. “Studies indicate that youth who spend the most time with screen media are most prone to depression, behavior problems, low self-esteem and poor physical fitness,” says Dr. Paul Weigle, associate medical [...]

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