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Hartford Hospital Shifting COVID-19 Test Site to Convention Center

Hartford HealthCare announced Oct. 27 a plan to relocate the Hartford Hospital COVID testing site to the Connecticut Convention Center [...]

COVID-19 Survives 28 Days on Money! How it Happened in This Study

Scientists across the globe are studying COVID-19 to learn more about infection, treatment and long-term aftereffects. It’s good to be [...]

What is a Palliative Nurse’s Role in a Patient’s Care?

Heather Massicotte helps patients and their families make decisions during difficult times. Massicotte is the first palliative care nurse navigator [...]

CDC’s New Definition of COVID Contact: What That Means for You

The concept of tracing personal interactions to follow and even predict the spread of COVID-19 took a turn this week [...]

‘Gut-Wrenching’ Physical, Psychological Cases Emerge From New COVID Recovery Center

A week after announcing the region’s first COVID Recovery Center for those with long-term repercussions from viral infection, one Hartford [...]

Central Connecticut Launches Limb Preservation Program

The Hospital of Central Connecticut in New Britain has launched the Limb Preservation Program, designed to help patients maintain as [...]

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