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Precision Innovation to Transform Care

We are inviting entrepreneurs from across the world to evaluate proposed new technologies and products with our clinical experts. For us, the end product of innovation is achieving our vision of well-coordinated, personalized care coming to life to impact our community and rest of the world.

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Hartford HealthCare Leaders Travel to Israel to Build New Partnerships

A delegation of Hartford HealthCare leaders recently returned from a four-day trip to Israel. Representatives from Hartford HealthCare and the Metro Hartford Alliance, along with Israeli leaders, explored ways to develop long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships that leverage Hartford HealthCare as well as Hartford-area talent and innovation.

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How Hartford’s New Medtech Accelerator Plans to Help Startups

With Hartford pushing to raise its profile as a hotbed of entrepreneurship and innovation, the first class of fledgling companies chosen for downtown’s new medtech accelerator focused squarely Tuesday on beating the odds stacked against startups. “It’s ridiculously hard to make a startup succeed, and that’s why programs like this [...]

A Doctor Visit Via Video? Let’s Check That Pacemaker or Defibrillator Incision

Download your guide on irregular heartbeats – and how they’re diagnosed and treated.  It takes less than five minutes for Dr. Steven Zweibel or the APRNs in his electrophysiology office at the Hartford HealthCare Heart & Vascular Institute to check the incision made to install a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) [...]

Hartford HealthCare Leaders Travel to Israel to Build New Partnership

Hartford HealthCare’s CEO Elliot Joseph recently returned with a special delegation after a four-day trip to Israel. He joined several representatives from Hartford HealthCare, along with a representative from the Metro Hartford Alliance. Together, the group explored ways to develop long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships that leverage Hartford HealthCare as well as Hartford-area [...]

Innovating Our Way to a Healthy State Economy

Elliot Joseph Chief Executive Officer Hartford HealthCare Look out, Silicon Valley, here comes the Connecticut River Valley. Seriously. Last month, Bloomberg’s latest U.S. State Innovation Index ranked Connecticut as the fourth most innovative economy. Only California, Massachusetts and Washington ranked ahead. The Bloomberg wizards based this on the presence of [...]

How MATCH’s Telehealth Video Conferencing Can Aid Sobriety

The Rushford clinical team offering supervised, medication-supported help for opioid addiction makes getting sober even easier by introducing video conferencing so patients don’t have to travel far to check in with an addictions doctor. Called telehealth, the initiative is an extension of Rushford’s Medication Assisted Treatment Close to Home (MATCH) [...]

Telehealth Takes the Commute – and Headache – Out of a Doctor’s Visit

The migraines that grip Lyssette Flinchbaugh can be overpowering, but traveling from her Berlin home to West Hartford for follow-up appointments with her specialist seemed like a lot of driving for what amounts to a brief visit. Especially last fall after ankle surgery left her unable to drive. That’s when [...]

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