Treatment of Sports Injuries

Sports Health: Treatment of Sports Injuries

We manage acute and chronic sports injuries with the perspective of primary care and internal medicine, which allows us to keep an eye on all aspects of your health including how chronic medical conditions relate to sport and activity.

We collaborate across teams of specialists to guide and collaborate with physical therapy in returning athletes to play.

Rest, ice, compression and elevation may help reduce pain and swelling in the first few days after an injury. Your doctor may also recommend physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, bracing or orthotics. Steroid injections guided by musculoskeletal ultrasound maybe be recommended, including corticosteroid/cortisone, visco-supplementation and needle tenotomy. Our sports medicine specialists may also suggest changes to your routine, form, techniques or equipment to prevent further injury.

If nonsurgical treatment doesn’t provide relief, surgical options available for many injuries and conditions. Our surgical team is skilled at the most advanced techniques to inspect, diagnose and repair injuries. Surgical treatment is always pursued when there is a reasonable chance of providing long-term pain relief so you can resume your chosen sports and activities.

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