Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


The Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides:

  • Medical authorization

  • Oversight

  • Continuing education for area pre-hospital providers

  • Support for EMS providers in their roles and to improve the transition of care between prehospital and in-hospital providers.

Our Team

Hartford HealthCare

Sr. System Director of EMS:
Kevin Ferrarotti
System EMS Medical Director:
Dr. Charles Johndro
Executive Sponsor:
Gary Havican

Acute Care Centers

Backus Hospital

EMS Coordinator: Jeffrey Way
Medical Director: Dr. Kyle McClaine

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

EMS Manager: Fred Rosa
EMS Coordinator: Trish Wain
Medical Director: Dr. Sean Caffyn

Hartford Hospital

EMS Coordinator: David Bailey
Medical Director: Dr. Charles Johndro

Hospital of Central Connecticut

EMS Network Manager: Todd Jones
EMS Coordinator: Sean Fitch
Medical Director: Dr. David Buono

MidState Medical Center

EMS Network Manager: Todd Jones
EMS Coordinator: Sean Fitch
Medical Director: Dr. Daniel Engelberg

St. Vincent's Medical Center

EMS Coordinator: Terence Sheehan
Medical Director: Dr. Steven Valassis
EMS Network Manager: James Powell

Windham Hospital

EMS Paramedic Coordinator: Paul Pedchenko
Medical Director: Dr. Stanley Stutz

Ambulance Services

About Hunter’s Ambulance

Hunter’s Ambulance Service is a licensed commercial ambulance company owned and operated by Hartford HealthCare Emergency Medical Services. The company operates six locations across central and southern Connecticut and provides both emergency and nonemergency medical care to facilities and communities throughout the state.


EMS-related services

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