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A trip to the Emergency Room can be confusing and even frightening – especially if it’s the first time.

Hartford HealthCare's Emergency Services are among the best in New England, staffed with specially-trained physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, emergency nurses, assistants and technicians.

We diagnose and treat patients with various conditions including:

What to expect when visiting the Emergency Room:

Patient Priority

Upon arrival, you will be seen by a triage nurse who will assess your condition and determined the level of care you will likely need. Patients who have a critical or life-threatening illness or injury are treated immediately.

We attempt to see every patient as quickly as we can. We do not care for patients on a “first come, first served” basis. Patients who arrive after you may be taken in from the waiting room before you. These patients may be seen in a different area.

In addition, availability of emergency care continually changes due to patients arriving by ambulance, car or helicopter. If, during your visit, you feel that your complaint has worsened, please see the triage nurse. 

Upon arrival a triage nurse will talk to you about your condition and decide the level of care you will need. Patients who have a critical or life-threatening illness or injury are treated immediately. Others are screened and put in one of several areas.

DAWN Stroke Protocols

We offer patients stroke screening using advanced image processing technology known as RAPID CT Perfusion, which pinpoints the area of damage caused by an ischemic stroke, locates salvable areas of brain tissue, and can establish a timeline for when the stroke occurred. This increases the window for acute treatment up to 24 hours. Learn more.


If it is decided that you need to be admitted to the hospital, a specialist or your personal physician will determine further treatment and the best area of the hospital for you. You may have to wait for an available bed. While waiting for your room, you will receive continual care.

Follow-up Care/Discharge

Discharge instructions will be given to you by your nurse. Prescriptions may be dispensed at this time as well. It is important to raise any questions or concerns you may have at this time.

Copies of your emergency department records and all test results are faxed to your personal physician if you have provided us with the doctor’s name. If you need a copy of the emergency department record, please call Health Information Management at your hospital.

Your records cannot be released directly from the Emergency Department.

Emergency Care

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Hartford HealthCare Transfer Center


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We facilitate the transfer of trauma patients and other individuals with emergency medical conditions 24 hours a day. Non-emergency transfers are managed on a case-by-case basis. 

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