Programs & Certifications

Hands-on educational programs for all members of the healthcare team, from laypersons and first responders at the scene of the accident, to doctors and nurses at the hospital.

CESI offers a wide variety of programs, from required EMS training to surgical certification modules to half-day CPR classes for childcare providers.

Custom Programs

Some of our programs follow pre-established learning criteria so participants can earn certifications and fulfill job requirements. Others are highly custom and designed to address educational objectives specific to your team and the nature of their medical role.

We shape every program individually, but these sample programs illustrate some of the customization opportunities.

Nursing Competency Assessment

Each year, all Hartford Hospital nurses participate in a mandatory, annual simulation-based competency assessment. In each assessment, we immerse a small team of nurses in an emergency situation where they must demonstrate proficiency with BLS skills and effective teamwork. Afterwards, we provide comprehensive constructive feedback about their performance they can apply on the job.

US Navy Crew Crisis Management Training

Experiencing a crisis on a naval ship or submarine requires more than a traditional curriculum. Since 2007, we’ve been transforming our simulation lab to re-create what the Independent Duty Corpsmen (IDC) and Undersea Medical Officers (UMO) experience in the line of duty. Within our training, we cover airway and trauma management, simulated patient management, and mass casualty drills.

Labor & Delivery Team Shoulder Dystocia Management

Effective and precise communication and teamwork within an OB/GYN team is imperative during childbirth. Discovering an emergency condition like shoulder dystocia—when the baby’s shoulders are lodged behind the mother’s pubic bone—instantaneously intensifies the need. Our team training equips doctors, residents, and nursing with the necessary skills to manage shoulder dystocia should the need arise.

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