Medical Training & Certification

Prepare for real-world medical encounters with advanced surgical and medical training, expert guidance, and custom programs.

CESI’s innovative, experiential training offers health care professionals and first responders hands-on, practical experience not found in textbooks and lectures.

Using devices from task trainers to high-fidelity patient simulators, we help clinicians and teams learn new technology, perform sophisticated medical and surgical procedures, and perfect their skills in a safe, simulated environment.

Preparing for real-world scenarios in a realistic, risk-free setting offers distinct advantages for participants—and their patients. Clinicians leave as experts—confident, capable, and ready to apply their new skills.

CESI helps health care professionals: 

  • Get real-world experience in a low-risk environment
  • Learn skills and techniques to save lives
  • Improve patient safety and medical outcomes
  • Achieve specific learning goals and certification requirements 
  • Build teamwork, critical thinking, and crisis management skills

Our Services

From helping first responders satisfy certification requirements and surgeons sharpen their skills, to helping cross-functional teams build leadership and critical thinking within the group, we can help you meet your goals.

Access to experts for real-time coaching

Our integration with Hartford HealthCare gives us direct access to clinicians within the health system. Our experts are on-site during training, offering instant feedback and valuable guidance. 

Simulation Fellowship

Interested in a leadership position in medical education or medical simulation?

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Consulting Services

Interested in building or expanding your simulation program?

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Full-service training facility for surgical education, team building, and medical certification

Our risk-free, high-technology facility, deep bench of medical experts, and accreditation status offers everything you need to meet your education and training goals. 

Immersive environment ideal for learning

  • 10 simulation suites, including four-room patient unit and exact replicas of an operating room, intensive care unit, delivery room and trauma room
  • 1,200 square foot task training arcade with robotic suite
  • Rooftop helipad and out-of-service helicopter for air ambulance training
  • 75-seat interactive amphitheater
  • Eight A/V-enabled classrooms of various sizes

State-of-the-art equipment

  • High-fidelity patient simulators, including obstetric females and K-9 trainer
  • Task trainers, including robotic and ultrasoundable trainers 

Advanced audio/visual system for real-time coaching

  • High-definition video livestreaming
  • Real-time remote surgery observation 

Concierge services

  • Event planning and logistics support, including transportation, catering, hotel, and parking





Beyond the training itself, we foster a world-class experience for you and your team that's comfortable and conducive to learning.





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