A cutting edge laboratory and learning environment with modern amenities ideal for innovation, education, and collaboration. 

CESI is a comfortable, convenient setting for hands-on medical training, research and testing.

Here, you’ll find state-of-the-art bio skills and simulation labs, interactive classroom and meeting spaces and amenities all in one full-service venue. Designed for maximum flexibility, we can configure our 47,000 square foot space for programs of all sizes and scopes.

CESI by the numbers

Dimensions: 47,000 square feet
Bio skills Wet Lab: Sixteen 200+ square foot workstations
Clinical Simulation Lab: Ten dedicated simulation rooms linked to control rooms
Procedural Task Training: 1,200 square foot arcade
Meeting space: Nine rooms, including a lecture hall
Amphitheater: Seats 75 people


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A private, hospital-grade replica of a patient unit, our simulation suite is ideal for video production.

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Clinical Simulation Laboratory

  • 10 simulation suites, including four-room patient unit and exact replicas of an operating room, intensive care unit, delivery room and trauma room
  • 1,200 square foot task training arcade with robotic suite
  • High-fidelity patient simulators, including obstetric females and K-9 trainer
  • Rooftop helipad and out-of-service helicopter for use in training air ambulance crews
  • Custom, immersive environment mimics real-world encounters 

Bio-Skills Wet Lab

  • 16 spacious, 200 square foot workstations
  • Comfortable locker rooms and lounge areas
  • Fluoroscopy capability
  • On-site instrument processing & tissue sourcing
  • Secure space with badge-only access and private loading dock

Classroom & Event Space

  • 75-seat interactive amphitheater
  • Eight A/V-enabled classrooms of various sizes
  • High-definition live streaming
  • Wi-fi (private networks available)
  • Advanced audio/visual system for real-time collaboration.




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