High-Technology Classroom & Event Space

Enhance your learning experience in a high-tech environment designed for collaboration  

With high-definition broadcast technology, classrooms and conference space, and multi-use event areas, your learning event benefits from more than our state-of-the-art labs.

Classroom & Lecture Space

Interactive 75-seat amphitheater ideal to livestream presentations, observe cases, showcase products, and host presentations 

8 A/V-enabled classrooms of various sizes, including smaller spaces ideal for breakout sessions, meetings or employee workspaces

Advanced audio/visual system and live streaming capabilities for real-time collaboration

Fully equipped high-definition broadcast studio for recording and livestreaming

Connect to the lab anywhere on-site and remotely 

Virtual meeting room (VMR) connects to select hospital ORs for live case observation and interactions with surgeons 

WiFi venue-wide

On-site A/V experts easily accessible and ready to help

Multi-use event space

Gathering spaces for coffee breaks, luncheons, and breakout sessions

Registration & welcome areas streamline attendee check-in 

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