CESI Simulation Fellowship

Build your medical education and simulation career with a fellowship at CESI.

Established in 2011, The Hartford Hospital Fellowship in Medical Simulation is designed to prepare participants for leadership positions in medical education and directorships in medical simulation.


The fellowship provides advanced training in medical simulation, sim-based curriculum development and implementation, effective practives for ‘debriefing’ following a simulation event, simulation research, and teaching.

Educational activities

  • Actively participate and support developing curricula development, learning to lead a debrief session, running simulations, and teaching in a variety of simulation center activities.
  • Actively develop your teaching skills and explore your area of interest in resident and general medical education.
  • Work closely with the residents of the University of Connecticut Emergency Medicine Residency, based at Hartford Hospital.
  • Help educate residents in their bi-weekly simulation sessions.
  • Participate in at least one simulation-based academic conference during the fellowship.
  • Gain administrative, operational, and leadership skills and experience by participating in the operations of a large-scale simulation training center.
  • Get experience necessary to pursue a Graduate Certificate or Master’s Degree in Education

Clinical activities

  • Perform the duties of an attending emergency physician in Hartford Hospital’s Emergency Department. Hartford Hospital is the region’s Level 1 trauma center with an active aeromedical program and the state's highest patient volume emergency department (approx. 110,000 patient visits/year).
  • Teach and participate in the education of residents at this academic emergency department. 

Research activities

  • Conduct research projects in an area of your interest in medical simulation.
  • Work closely with faculty to develop your research projects.
  • Write a publishable manuscript by the completion of your appointment. 

Program details


Faculty includes recognized leaders in medical simulation and the academic faculty at the University of Connecticut Emergency Medicine Residency. Fellows work directly under Dr. Thomas Nowicki, Medical Director for the Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation (CESI) at Hartford Hospital. 


  • Successful completion of a residency in Emergency Medicine
  • Must be eligible to work as an Attending Physician in the Hartford Hospital Emergency Department 


Options for one- and two-year fellowships


CESI (Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation) at Hartford Hospital.

Simulation Fellowship Contacts

Fellowship Director
Thomas Nowicki, MD
Emergency Medicine

Simulation Fellow
Daniel Testa, MD
Emergency Medicine

Program Coordinator
Crestina Walker

Program Coordinator
Sara Pizzanello





Interested in learning more?

Send applications and questions to Crestina Walker, Program Coordinator or Dr. Thomas Nowicki, Fellowship Director.





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