Bio-Skills Wet Lab

Conduct research and development, preclinical testing, and hands-on training in our modern wet lab.

CESI’s recently expanded bio skills laboratory is a safe, secure environment to propel research and development, test innovative new devices, and experience hands-on training development. 

Our two large training laboratories include 16 fully equipped workstations, classroom and lecture space equipped with advanced A/V technology, and modern amenities to cultivate a comfortable educational environment for your training or research event.

Lab Features & Amenities

We can configure our two spacious wet labs to address your program goals and the size of your team. 

16 fully equipped, 200+ square foot workstations, 16 available for human cadaveric study and six for animate models.

Live streaming capability to connect with conference rooms and remote attendees.

Fluoroscopy capability with two mini C-arms with digital imaging and video capture.

Temperature and humidity control as well as HEPA filtration to meet hospital standards for a fully aseptic surgical environment.

Secure, confidential space with badge-only building access and private network available.

Comfortable locker rooms and lounge areas with storage space, restrooms, and showers.

On-site instrument processing, including drills, saws, suction, etc. and ability to secure additional instrumentation as needed.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including scrubs, gowns, eye shields, gloves, and foot covers. 

Specimen Procurement

If needed, we can provide complete tissue sourcing, preparation, storage, and disposition, including whole body, partial cadavers, and various tissues as well as small and large animal models. 

CESI works only with accredited providers to verify safety and respect of anatomical models.  





Beyond the training itself, we foster a world-class experience for you and your team that's comfortable and conducive to learning.





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