Training & Launch Support

Hands-on surgical training alongside experts in a world-class venue.

After years of research and development, your product is ready for its real-world debut. Now, it’s time to ready the world. We can help.

From surgeons to investors, our interactive hands-on educational sessions acquaint key audiences with your new product. We train end users, from surgeons and physicians to engineers, on the proper techniques for using a device. We familiarize marketing and sales teams with clinical perspectives on the need your product addresses, an understanding of how your message resonates with clinicians, product functionality and benefits. Well versed and confident, they leave with the knowledge and tools to effectively and responsibly communicate your product’s value to customers.

Our Services

Our services support the successful launch and commercialization of your product.

Medical Device Training

We offer cadaveric study and simulated workshops for end users to build competency using your product in a low-risk environment.

Marketing & Sales Education

Through demonstration, live-streamed surgical procedures, and didactic training, we facilitate enriching sessions that ready your teams to market and sell products.

Customer Workshops

We help you engage potential customers in hands-on workshops that allow them to experience your product first-hand.

Product Showcases

Introduce new technology to potential customers, investors, and more through compelling, interactive showcases that distinguish your product from the competition. 

Client Executive Consultation

Open, cross-functional discussions with experienced surgeons, clinical engineers, business managers, and hospital administrators provides insights to help you prepare and plan for the market.

Clinical Expert Consultation

Throughout each session, attendees get direct access to clinical experts who offer consultation, answer questions, and provide real-time feedback. Connecting medical device and pharmaceutical professionals with healthcare clinicians facilitates cross-functional interaction.

Customized Programs

No two clients have the same needs. That’s why we offer a full spectrum of solutions from lab rental to fully customized turn-key programs to hybrid bio-skills/simulation labs to broad-based product and sales events. We work directly with you to design a program based on your specific goals, number of attendees, staffing needs, equipment and space requirements, and any special requests.

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