Conditions We Treat

Diseases and conditions of the brain and nervous system are among the most complex, but, our daily focus at the Ayer Neuroscience Institute is on helping people live their best possible lives.

Our extensive group of neurosurgeons and neurology subspecialists tend to patients with epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, movement disorders, migraines, concussions, spinal deformities, stroke, and many other conditions. Using the most advanced technology, Ayer Neuroscience Institute specialists offer expert diagnostic and treatment care through a collaborative team approach. An epilepsy provider, for example, consults with colleagues in that specialty, but also brings each patient’s case to a broad team at clinical care meetings. This generates fresh perspectives and suggestions that benefit you.

This institute-based organization is part of what makes us the leading source of neurologic care in the region. It allows the Ayer Neuroscience Institute to blend services like behavioral health, rehab, and social services to more completely care for the specific needs of each patient and family. It ensures the care you receive is advanced, yet focused on your individual needs.

The Conditions We Treat:



Movement Disorders

Multiple Sclerosis




  • Neuromuscular Conditions
    •    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease)
    •    Neuropathy
    •    Muscular dystrophy
    •    Myasthenia gravis
    •    Myopathy
    •    Myostitis
    •    Spinal muscular atrophy


  • Neuro-ophthalmology Conditions
    • Pseudotumor cerebri or idiopathic intracranial hypertension
    • Pituitary tumors
    • Double vision or diplopia
    • Pupillary abnormalities
    • Temporal arteritis or giant cell arteritis
    • Ischemic optic neuropathy (ION)
    • Monocular visual loss
    • Visual loss after stroke often causes a "homonymous hemianopia"
    • Visual difficulties associated with multiple sclerosis
    • Vision difficulties associated with myasthenia gravis
    • Inflammatory or infectious diseases affecting the optic nerve
    • Nutritional and toxic damage to the optic nerve
    • Acquired forms of nystagmus


Pain Management


  • Spine Conditions
    •    Arthritis
    •    Degenerative Disc Disease
    •    Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
    •    Herniated Disc
    •    Osteoporosis
    •    Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
    •    Sciatica
    •    Scoliosis
    •    Spinal Fractures
    •    Spinal Stenosis
    •    Spinal Tumors
    •    Spondylolisthesis
    •    Spondylosis

Stroke & Neurovascular

  • Stroke & Neurovascular Conditions
    •    Aneurysms
    •    Arteriovenous Malformations (AVM)
    •    Cavernomas
    •    Cranial Arterial Stenosis
    •    Stroke  
      •    Acute Ischemic Stroke
      •    Atypical Stroke
      •    Embolic Stroke
      •    Hemorrhagic Stroke
    •    Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) 
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The Ayer Neuroscience Institute works to treat the full range of neurologic conditions. Our mission is more personal - to provide advanced, collaborative services across the state.

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