Understanding Your Cost of Care


Price Transparency
Hartford HealthCare understands that when you need medical care, it can be a source of worry, both for health and financial reasons.

While our medical professionals will do everything they can to help you get better, this website is designed to provide you with a better understanding of our charges and your anticipated cost for our services.

This site shows our List of Charges for procedures or other services at each Hartford HealthCare hospital. The actual charge may vary depending on your medical condition and other factors, including regular changes to our rates after the date these charges were published. The charges you see are the standard charges – for example, they do not take financial assistance into account – for each procedure or service. To find out how much of the total charge for services you may be expected to pay, contact your insurance company to determine your specific benefits and expected out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. If you still have questions or would like to request assistance with charges or price estimates, please contact us.

We provide information regarding our charges for procedures or other services in two ways:

1. We provide a price estimator tool to help you understand charges and potential out-of-pocket expenses for select services. You can access this tool either by logging into your MyChartPlus account or by using our guest estimates feature.

MyChartPlus Guest Price Estimator Tool

2. We provide our List of Charges (charge and health insurance rate information) for procedures or other services provided at each Hartford HealthCare hospital, which can be downloaded using the links below.

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Please note:

The charges listed are the standard charges for procedures or services that were in effect on the date the list was created, and are subject to change. To determine your specific benefits and expected out-of-pocket expenses, contact your insurance company – or, if applicable, the government program (Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, etc.) under which you receive benefits for medical care. Or, try our price estimator tool.

Your actual service charges may vary depending on your medical condition or other factors. A single charge may not represent a complete medical service and multiple medical services may be necessary for a complete service (e.g., procedure(s), supplies, and drugs).

The List of Charges includes inpatient and outpatient hospital services only and may not include certain professional fees that are not billed directly by our hospitals such as anesthesia, radiology, or physician service fees. The fees shown may also vary depending on whether or not your provider is employed by a Hartford HealthCare hospital, and are subject to change without notice and prior to this published information being updated.

If you have any questions, read our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions or would like to request assistance with our charge and health insurance rate information or price estimator tool, please contact us.

In addition, the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule requires health insurers and group health plans make certain data available to the public in the form of a machine-readable file, which Hartford HealthCare and Aetna are making accessible through Aetna's website. Please note that: (1) Out-of-network providers may balance bill an individual member for the difference between what the provider billed and the member’s cost share amount (i.e., copayment, deductible, or coinsurance) if and when balance billing is permitted under state or federal law; (2) the actual charge may be different from an estimate; and (3) the availability of a cost-share estimate is not a guarantee of coverage.

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