Patient Healthcare Organizer

Welcome to Hartford HealthCare

Hartford HealthCare is a fully integrated healthcare system that has services at every level to assist you in your healthcare journey. The Patient Healthcare Organizer is a tool for you to gather important information and reflections as you continue your health and healing.

Use the Patient Healthcare Organizer as it best works for you. You may choose to share the information with your providers if you think it will be helpful. Or you may want to record information in this organizer for yourself or your family members.

The notebook pages provide a spot to take notes, write down questions and reflect on your experience.

View and download the organizer here:

Patient Healthcare Organizer

Here are some ways you might find the Patient Healthcare Organizer useful:

  • Keep important health documents in one place.
  •  Write down important health information about yourself so providers and loved ones have access.
  • Write down important treatments and procedures that happen during your journey.
  • During your time with us, write down thoughts or questions you want to share with your care team.
  • Write down next appointments and the next steps of your journey.

You are responsible for the safekeeping of the documents and information kept in the Patient  Healthcare Organizer.