Mutual Care Mutual Respect

At Hartford HealthCare, we are committed to providing accessible, affordable, equitable and excellent care to everyone who visits any of our locations.

We believe this is a shared responsibility among our team and the patient and their family members. We expect our colleagues and clinicians to provide the highest quality of care to all of our patients. This can only happen in an environment free of behaviors and issues that may distract us from providing the best care possible.

Hartford HealthCare does not tolerate discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexuality, religion, language, or any other protected class. It’s important to note that your care may be provided by qualified caregivers with various backgrounds, races and ethnicities. We will not allow any caregiver to be disrespected or dismissed based on these personal characteristics. We will also not permit:

  • Aggressive or violent behavior such as abusive language, threatening and physical assault
  • Actions that intentionally disrupt the care environment
  • Language or actions that can be perceived as sexual harassment
  • The possession of weapons of any kind in our facilities
  • Photographing or videotaping inside our locations at any time
  • Any audio recording, without the consent of all parties

These expectations are posted throughout our lobbies and registration desks, and you will be reminded of these expectations upon registration and check in. If at any time you feel you are experiencing any inappropriate treatment or are observing these behaviors towards other patients, visitor or staff, please say something immediately. Thank you for your commitment to supporting our environment of Mutual Care and Mutual Respect in service of supporting your care and the care of loved ones.

Please note: If we observe any behaviors that may be a distraction to care, including those outlined above, we will respectfully bring this to your attention. Anyone who continues to exhibit these behaviors may be asked to leave the location and to seek future care elsewhere. This applies to family members and visitors as well as patients unless the patient is receiving emergency care or discharge is believed to be unsafe at the time.

Please take the time to understand these mutual expectations and to ask any questions.

Mutual Care / Mutual Respect

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Mutual Care Mutual Respect Acknowledgement form: