Preparing For Your Hospital Admission.

HHC_Admitting_BannerPlease be prepared to provide the registrar with your current mailing address, telephone number, and insurance information (bring your insurance cards with you). Your insurance information will be verified using our eligibility system and if you do not have your current insurance information available you will be provided a card to call our Customer Service staff within 48 hours to update your account. At the time of registration you will be asked to sign the Release of Information, Assignment of Benefits form and, if applicable, the Medicare Release form. These forms must be signed upon admission to the Emergency Room and/or a direct admission.

Virtual Registration

Hartford HealthCare is now offering a safe and convenient way for you to check-in to your scheduled appointment.

eCheck-in is a virtual registration function in the MyChart app and MyChartPLUS website, allowing you to complete the check-in process from home to save time when you arrive to your appointment.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Admitting: 

Q: What should I bring?

A: The hospital requests that you leave all personal belongings at home such as money, checkbook, credit cards, jewelry, etc. If you need to wear glasses and/or contacts bring a case for them to be held with your clothing. Please bring your insurance cards with you and your family member or friend can secure them for you during your admission.

Q: How do I pay for this?

A: The hospital will bill your primary and secondary (if applicable) insurance to process your claim. Any deductible and or co-pay balance will be billed to the patient if not paid in full at the time services were rendered.

Q: What are Living Wills and Healthcare Agents?

A: As a patient in the hospital you will be asked by the registrar if you have a Living Will and if you have named a Healthcare Agent. This information is documented as part of your Medical Record and stored in Medical Records.

A living will is a document that states your wishes regarding any kind of health care you may receive. Should you be in a terminal condition or permanently unconscious, the living will can also tell your physician whether you want "life support systems" to keep you alive or whether you do not want to receive such treatment, even if the result is your death. A living will goes into effect only when you are unable to make or communicate your decisions about your medical care.

The Health Care Agent is someone you trust and have appointed to make medical decisions on your behalf. You are encouraged to discuss your medical condition and health care choices with your family and physician prior to a hospitalization.

Q: What if I have special needs?

A: Patient Access Registrars can make a phone call to connect a hearing impaired patient with an Interpreter Service. The hospital also has multiple translators for various languages who are available to assist patients and their families. Hartford HealthCare is committed to maintaining clear understanding and communication regarding all healthcare issues and treatment.

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