K-9 Sim Dog, “Axel”

Learn critical life-saving skills that could save your K-9 in an emergency

“Axel,” our high-fidelity, sim-canine, helps train police officers and military personnel in skills that could potentially save the lives of their K-9 partners.

 K9 Axel Sim Dog feature diagram

Designed to replicate the function, feel, and look of a Belgian Malinois, he growls, he whimpers, he barks, he bleeds. Axel gives learners realistic hands-on experience performing a number of critical procedures, including maintaining an airway, treating a gunshot wound, needle decompression/thoracocentesis, hemostasis, IV insertion, intraosseous (I/O) infusion, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), tracheostomy, and bandaging.

Axel’s sensors monitor the medical intervention and provide instructors with a steady feed of real-time intervention data. The instructors use a remote control to adjust Axel’s response based on the success of the treatment.

Previously only accessible to the military, Axel makes the advanced training possible for K-9 handlers across the state and the country.




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