Aimee from Weatogue

In the Spring and Summer I get on my town's bike path and walk to my nephews' baseball games. It's about a 2mile walk each way.

See how others are Connecting to Healthier.TM

  • Andrew from Canton

    I connect to healthier by going to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and take a jog every morning. It allows me to start the day in a healthy way and sets the tone for a healthy day and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Lisa from Old Lyme

    I go to yoga classes with my high school daughter just in time to help her learn a way to relieve college stress too. I take the stairs instead of escalators and elevators whenever possible.

  • Steven from Wallingford

    I make sure to take the stairs when possible. Skip that soda, water is always the better option.

  • Brittany from Wallingford

    I have tried to adopt a healthier lifestyle by staying active even if the colder months. During the warmer times, I go for a 2 mile walk/run everyday with my dog.

  • Mara from Wallingford

    I have always watched how I eat- always pay attention to portion control. No fried foods or processed foods. Never any fad diets.

  • Carolyn from Farmington

    I always buy no salt added" canned goods for cooking, when available, so that I can control my sodium intake.

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