CareConnect is a system-wide initiative of Hartford HealthCare with the purpose of transforming the way we provide patient care. The efforts of CareConnect will align clinicians and caregivers around the patient in every setting, from inpatient to ambulatory care and including community physicians.

Using the industry-leading Epic software as a tool, we will improve the way we provide and coordinate care. We will equip ourselves with ways to move and use information so that we can effectively provide the right care at the right time and at the right place for everyone.

The CareConnect initiative is also the leading mechanism for delivery of our Five Ones:

  • One Registration: patients register once and their information is accessible to all HHC partners who provide care for them
  • One Health Record: always available and and-up-to date no matter where the patient seeks care
  • One Standard of Excellence: delivering the highest level of care throughout the entire organization
  • One Bill: a streamlined effort providing convenience and peace of mind
  • One Relationship: enabling HHC to become the provider of choice for our communities

Achieving these goals will help transform the care of the people we serve.

About CareConnect

CareConnect’s team of dedicated employees is working diligently to help Hartford HealthCare become better connected with patients and physicians through a new, robust electronic medical record system.


The HHC Unity:CareConnect program is led by the 160 members of our Core Applications Team who are organized into ten different “tracks” during the implementation process.

Clinical Analytics

Clinical Analytics is part of the rapidly developing field that harnesses real-time medical data to inference programs in order to generate fact-based diagnostic and therapeutic decisions, capture revenues and save costs.

Community Connect

Hartford HealthCare has partnered with Epic, one of the most highly regarded electronic tools in healthcare today, to introduce Community Connect. This collaborative effort is designed to facilitate access to a uniform electronic health record among provider practices.

Epic Electronic Health Record

Epic is an electronic health record (EHR) platform being implemented throughout Hartford HealthCare.


ImageConnect is part of HartfordHealthCare’s initiative to transform the way it delivers healthcare across the system.


As an integral part of the successful implementation and use of the Epic electronic health record, training is focused on providing users with the tools to perform the essential parts of your job from day one.

Our Team

The CareConnect team consists of more than 160 staff members with clinical, financial, registration, nursing, informatics, IT, project management, and training.