Connecting with purpose so we can help our communities connect to healthier.

What is Healthier?

It's bringing your care closer. Making it more convenient. And connecting it all — with more collaboration among hundreds of care providers and over 18,000 people. So every step of your healthcare experience gets easier. New breakthroughs reach you faster. And every one of your doctors has the expertise they need. Connect to healthier with Hartford HealthCare.

See how others are Connecting to healthier.TM


  • Andrew from Canton

    I connect to healthier by going to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and take a jog every morning. It allows me to start the day in a healthy way and sets the tone for a healthy day and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Lisa from Old Lyme

    I go to yoga classes with my high school daughter just in time to help her learn a way to relieve college stress too. I take the stairs instead of escalators and elevators whenever possible.

  • Steven from Wallingford

    I make sure to take the stairs when possible. Skip that soda, water is always the better option.

  • Brittany from Wallingford

    I have tried to adopt a healthier lifestyle by staying active even if the colder months. During the warmer times, I go for a 2 mile walk/run everyday with my dog.

  • Mara from Wallingford

    I have always watched how I eat- always pay attention to portion control. No fried foods or processed foods. Never any fad diets.

  • Carolyn from Farmington

    I always buy no salt added" canned goods for cooking, when available, so that I can control my sodium intake.

  • Finding Balance

    We are sharing the inspiring story of Sydney Satchell, a young woman who lost her foot after a devastating car accident. But her rehab team at HHCRN helped her gain her confidence and set her on the path to the para Olympics. This is a story not to be missed.