Through this giving we reinforce our intention to be a caring and committed member of the communities we serve, and uphold our values of caring, equity, excellence, integrity, and safety. 


Eligibility and Funding Criteria

Donation and sponsorship considerations are limited only to nonprofit organizations.  Funding will not be given to:

  • National organizations, unless centered on a local or regional event
  • Legislative advocacy groups, endowment funds, multiple-year pledge campaigns and annual fund drives
  • Fraternal, political or labor organizations
  • Individuals or individual endeavors

While there is some variation in how requests are processed and prioritized, funding approvals are given only to requests that reach the communities Hartford HealthCare serves and are consistent with Hartford HealthCare’s mission, vision and values.  In addition, the request must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Supports or aligns with Hartford HealthCare’s clinical priorities, including development of our clinical workforce;
  2. Reaches diverse and/or underserved populations within Hartford HealthCare’s service areas;
  3. Addresses a documented community need or community health improvement priority per HHC Community Health Needs Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plans (all Hartford HealthCare acute care hospitals produce both documents every three years);
  4. Creates an opportunity for long-term value or partnership with an organization or event with a mutually beneficial purpose or outcome;
  5. Supports one of our colleagues or his/her community involvement on a board or commission;
  6. Supports a funding priority of one of HHC’s Colleague Resource Groups.

During our fiscal year (October 1st through September 30th), based on the most recently conducted Community Health Needs Assessments, Hartford HealthCare will prioritize requests that advance the following health improvement objectives:

  • Promotes healthy lifestyles and behaviors (e.g. socialization) with a particular emphasis on nutrition and physical activity;
  • Reduces the burdens of chronic disease with an emphasis on the diabetic/at-risk diabetic and congestive heart failure population;
  • Improves access to care by addressing health inequities or social influencers of health, with an emphasis on food insecurity, income sufficiency, safety, and healthy housing;
  • Enhances community-based behavioral health services and general population mental wellness

Alternative Methods of Support

Contributions may also include staff time, meeting space and other in-kind or non-financial resources that support projects and activities that are consistent with our giving priorities.  At Hartford HealthCare employees are encouraged to volunteer and contribute to our community partners by providing leadership on boards, donation of time, energy and skills to a project or assist in other ways.

Submit Your Request

You can submit your sponsorship/donation request using our online form.

  • Ideally, sponsorship and donation requests should be made as early as possible, but at least 60 days prior to the event or funding deadline.
  • Submissions are received and evaluated on a monthly basis by Hartford HealthCare’s Sponsorships for Social Impact Committee.
  • Requests will be responded to within 45 days.
  • If your request is approved, you will be contacted with the funding level and expectations of use of Hartford HealthCare name and/or logo.

NOTE: Due to the number of requests and limited availability of funds, a request may be denied even if it meets funding criteria.

Submit your request