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Women's Health Care.

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At Hartford HealthCare, the aim is to promote, maintain and restore physical and emotional well-being for women of all ages. Doctors and nurses collaborate closely to ensure the best possible care.

We provide services for:

Hartford HealthCare also offers non-invasive complementary therapies designed to promote healing and speed recovery:

Related Services 

Partnership for Breast Care

The Partnership for Breast Care is a unique collaboration among private physician practices and Hartford Hospital. It was created to help women with a variety of breast problems receive prompt, coordinated health care and the one-on-one support and guidance so essential to their peace of mind.

StrongWomen Program

This 12-week fitness program is specifically designed for women to improve their strength, balance and energy. The exercises are selected with osteoporosis in mind and target muscles in the hip, spine and arms – areas particularly vulnerable to fracture. The program is appropriate for both sedentary and active women.

Women's Ambulatory Health Services

Women’s Ambulatory Health Services is located at 80 Seymour Street on the 2nd floor of the Conklin Building. Our services include both obstetrical and gynecological care. Our many educational and support programs help you get the knowledge that allow you to control your health.

Women's Gastrointestinal Health Center

The Hartford HealthCare Women’s Gastrointestinal (GI) Health Center is dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of GI disorders that are unique to or more common in women.

Women's Heart Wellness

The Women’s Heart Wellness Program represents Hartford HealthCare’s dedication to identifying, treating and, whenever possible, preventing cardiovascular disease in women.

FemTouch Vaginal Laser Therapy

A laser treatment for postmenopausal women who experience vaginal dryness, itchiness, irritation and pain during sex.