Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease causes the penis to curve and results in painful erections.

Some amount of curve during erection is normal. With Peyronie’s disease, the curve is significant and very painful.

What Causes Peyronie’s Disease?

We don’t know exactly what causes Peyronie’s disease, but it is the result of scar tissue forming in the penis. It could be due to an injury or accident, but is not always related to a past trauma. It may be inherited or linked to some other connective tissue health disorders, but we really do not know yet.

How is Peyronie’s Disease Diagnosed?

Peyronie’s disease can be diagnosed with a physical exam. This is usually sufficient to identify whether scar tissue is present.

What is the Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease?

There is one medication for Peyronie’s disease, called Xiaflex. It is delivered by injection directly into the scar tissue, to break down collagen buildup that causes the penis to curve when erect.

For people with severe deformity, sometimes surgery is recommended for Peyronie’s disease. The side of the penis that does not have scar tissue can be sutured, which can make the penis straighter. In cases where there is severe curvature, surgery can include removal of scar tissue. Another surgical option is a penile implant. 

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