Help and Hope for Urology Patients

At the Tallwood Institute you get world-class urology and kidney care from a team of local and national leaders in their fields. Many patients who have failed to have success with other treatments come here for the best solutions to even the most frustrating urology problems. Our highly skilled physicians have advanced sub-specialty training, and are backed by a full team of interdisciplinary medical and surgical specialists. With our wide network of care, you get the very highest standard of treatment, conveniently delivered within your community.

A Continuous Network of Care

The Tallwood Institute is part of an extensive preferred provider network. This means patients get the very highest standard of urology and kidney care at every level of treatment – beginning in the hospital, and extending to their continuing care at home. With excellent and comprehensive communication throughout the network, every healthcare provider involved in your care uses the very best practices to care for you post-surgically.

Special Concern for Your Comfort & Education

An important component of caring for urology patients and kidney patients is taking care of their emotional needs as well as their physical problems. People can be reluctant to talk about urology and kidney diseases, and the things that concern them about their treatment. We know that some patients have tried treatments that have not worked, and many feel very frustrated – even hopeless. We also know that there is hope, even for the most complex urologic problems. We solve them every day.

Our dedicated Nurse Navigators help to ease these difficult conversations and keep your treatment moving in the best direction. Our physicians and surgeons also do a lot of community education work, helping to make it easier for people to talk about a topic that can feel uncomfortable.

You and your family are also well supported after you leave the hospital, with the same high quality care you received as an inpatient. With our wide network of care, you can also access that top level of urology and kidney care right in your own community.

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