Help and Hope for Urology Patients

At the Tallwood Institute you get world-class urology and kidney care from a team of local and national leaders in their fields. Many patients who have failed to have success with other treatments come here for the best solutions to even the most frustrating urology problems. Our highly skilled physicians have advanced sub-specialty training, and are backed by a full team of interdisciplinary medical and surgical specialists. With our wide network of care, you get the very highest standard of treatment, conveniently delivered within your community.

Service Locations

Our extensive preferred provider network means patients get the very best urology and kidney care from providers who know their particular needs. We have worked hard to perfect our communication across the network, so every healthcare provider involved in your care uses the very best practices to care for you post-surgically.

Our Team

Tallwood’s urologists and nephrologists (kidney doctors) are recognized local and national leaders in their fields. Many pioneered treatments that have become the gold standard of care nationwide. Our urology team includes fellowship trained urologists in six specialty areas. Our gifted, caring professionals with sub-specialty training work together across disciplines to ensure fully integrated medical and surgical management of all urologic and kidney disorders.

Tallwood’s Urology Oncology team is also part of the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute, a charter member of the Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Alliance. This gives urologic cancer patients access to state of the art clinical trials closer to home, and we are the leaders in treating urologic cancers in Connecticut.

Conditions & Treatments

Our interdisciplinary approach sets the Tallwood Institute apart from other urology and kidney care services in the area. Every patient has a physician champion who makes sure they are being treated by the best specialty physicians. Because patients get the solutions they need, we routinely score in the 99th percentile for patient satisfaction.

Departments & Services

The Tallwood Institute is part of an extensive preferred provider network. This means patients get the very highest standard of urology and kidney care at every level of treatment – beginning in the hospital, and extending to their continuing care at home. With excellent and comprehensive communication throughout the network, every healthcare provider involved in your care uses the very best practices to care for you post-surgically.

Patient Resources

Connect to online resources, videos, and more to learn about urological and kidney issues.

Programs & Classes

Our physicians and surgeons do a lot of community education work, helping to make it easier for people to talk about an uncomfortable topic. We take the lead in developing patient and community education, and increase awareness in our community about recognizing and preventing kidney, bladder and prostate cancers. Our physicians help community Primary Care Physicians stay up to date on treatments for patients with urology and kidney diseases, so they know when to refer people to the best urology and kidney specialists.