Epilepsy Conditions

Members of the Ayer Neuroscience Institute Epilepsy Center team are hands-on in their approach to patient care and committed to helping people achieve the highest level of independence possible.

Patient caregivers always are key partners in the treatment plan. Our emphasis is on a person’s whole-life care, and our efforts place us on the forefront of epilepsy and seizure care regionally and nationally.

As part of the Ayer Institute, we are also able to offer our patients access to a broad range of specialists. By sharing patient cases with other providers, we often devise unique and even groundbreaking care plans that meet the specific needs of each person.

Every patient experiences epilepsy differently, and we work with you individually to understand how seizures affect your life.

Conditions We Treat


Epilepsy is diagnosed if you have had more than one seizure and there is no other obvious cause. Some people with one type of epilepsy have more than one kind of seizure. Our epileptologists, or neurologists who specialize in epilepsy, will help establish the correct diagnosis and make sure you understand your situation.


There are many different types of epileptic seizures, some epileptic and others non-epileptic. Epileptic seizures are based on the part of the brain where they begin and the cause. We will talk with you about your seizures to best understand what kind they are, how they affect you, and how best to control them

Mood disturbances

It can be challenging to cope with seizures, and many people experience depression, anxiety and even post-traumatic stress disorder as a result. We have behavioral health specialists on our team who can talk with you about your feelings and help you learn to live a fuller life, even with seizures.

Cognitive difficulty

Epilepsy and seizures can often make it harder for you to learn and remember things. Part of your care at the Epilepsy Center includes help for these issues.

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