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The Ayer Neuroscience Institute works to treat the full range of neurologic conditions. Our mission is to provide personalized, advanced, collaborative services across the state.

Hartford HealthCare’s unique, system-wide institute model offers a unified high standard of care in crucial specialties at hospital and ambulatory sites across Connecticut.

You don’t have to travel to one central location to see us, either. Instead, we bring our comprehensive services closer to you. You receive the same level and breadth of specialty care no matter which Ayer Neuroscience Institute network location you visit.

Led by Dr. Mark Alberts, a neurologist, Dr. Khalid Abbed, a neurosurgeon, and Senior Vice President of Operations Wendy Elberth, Ayer Neuroscience Institute derives its strength from this institute model and focus on community-based services. Wherever you live, our team’s expertise and advanced technology are always available.

From internationally recognized experts to the whole-person approach at the Spine Wellness Center, ours is a unique patient care experience.

As an Ayer Neuroscience Institute patient, you will see a particular specialist for your condition, but our entire team shapes your care. Here’s how it usually works: Your provider confers with a colleague or presents your case at weekly meetings that draw together neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, neurointensivists, neuro-critical care nurses, EEG techs and others.

Ayer Neuroscience Institute physicians and providers also consult with experts from other Hartford HealthCare institutes for orthopedic, behavioral healthrehabilitation, or cardiovascular insight. And, when appropriate, we’ll connect you with our team’s revolutionary research into the latest medication or treatment options.

Neurologic conditions can be frightening and life-altering, so we offer patients and families valuable emotional support from social workers, nurse navigators, and health psychologists. It’s another way Ayer Neuroscience Institute uses the power of an entire institute to give you the best care available.

Our collaborative, whole-person approach evolves as we add services and locations. We also share our approach with the next generation of physicians and providers trained in our seven fellowship programs. We believe it is the right way to care for people, and our results show that it works.

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From internationally recognized experts to the whole-person approach at the Spine Wellness Center, ours is a unique patient care experience.

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