Because each person’s experience is unique, we bring together experts in endocrinology, gynecology, plastic surgery, primary care and behavioral health to tailor care to each individual’s needs in a supportive, private environment.

The Center for Gender Health is conveniently located in Hartford, near Hartford Hospital and The Institute of Living, and in Avon, at the Hartford HealthCare HealthCenter. The Center is part of the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network.

Center for Gender Health News:

The Gender Gynecology Clinic will open in Blueback Square in April, 2024, the first in the state to offer gender-affirming gynecologic care for transgender, nonbinary and patients assigned female at birth (AFAB). Twice-monthly clinics, in collaboration with Hartford HealthCare gynecology providers, will be held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, starting April 16. In addition to full gynecology services onsite, access to obstetrics care is available if needed.

Annual Report

Learn about our work and future plans in our 2023 annual report, which also includes testimonials like this patient’s: “I’ve been waiting my entire life for healthcare like this. Even our brief discussion this morning made me feel very taken care of and very safe."


We create a welcoming, supportive environment for gender diverse individuals to receive comprehensive healthcare.

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