The Center for Gender Health - Primary Care

Gender Health - Primary Care

Preventive care focused on:

  • While practicing safe sex is one way to prevent HIV infection, our providers can also prescribe pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to patients considered at higher risk of exposure to and acquisition of HIV.
  • Vaccinations.

Management of chronic disease:

  • We address many common chronic conditions, and refer you to specialists for more detailed care if needed.

Sexual health:

  • Sexual health, including prevention of and testing for sexually-transmitted infections and pregnancy prevention.
  • If you are undergoing gender affirmation, we can talk about goals for reproduction and refer you to specialists to preserve your fertility options if desired.

In addition, we are advocates for your gender affirmation.

We can help with:

  • Management of hormone treatment, either in our office or through referral to an endocrinologist affiliated with the Gender Health Center.
  • Behavioral health needs, from assessment to treatment of concerns such as anxiety, depression and challenges transitioning.
  • Referral for gender-affirming procedures. We work with plastic surgeons who specialize in chest and genital reconstruction surgery.

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