The Center for Gender Health - Patient Support & Resources

Gender Health Center - Patient Support

No matter where you are on the journey to affirm your identity – curiosity, ready to begin or somewhere along the way – you will find many resources at the Gender Health Center, as well as through a variety of local and national organizations, books and online resources.


Support Groups

There is nothing more comforting than the support of someone who truly understands how you feel because they’ve been there.

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Trans ID Project

When you’re ready, there are resources to help you legally change your name as part of your gender affirmation journey.

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Resources & Tools

What is gender identity?

Gender identity is your inner sense of who you are – male, female, both, neither or some other gender. Transgender people do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth. If one’s gender identity falls outside the two most common categories of male or female, they might use the word “nonbinary.”

Gender Identity Issues: Getting Support

At Hartford HealthCare, we also offer young adults the services of our Right Track LGBTQ Specialty Track

Young Adult Services Right Track/LGBTQ Specialty


Pronouns are a short but powerful way to recognize someone’s gender identity. Try to ask the pronouns they prefer instead of assuming.

Legal Matters - Gender identity

There are services available to formally change your gender identity in Connecticut.

Legal Matters - Name change

There are services available to formally change your name in Connecticut.

Healthcare and Insurance

Help with navigating the healthcare and insurance systems is available with the Transcend Legal and Trans Insurance Roadmap and the organization Out2Enroll.

General information

Maybe you have questions of your own, or want to answer the questions of others in your life. Here are some helpful educational resources you can use:

Local support

The following organizations are here to support you as well as provide information and even friendship:

National support

These organizations offer a variety of resources:

Education and advocacy

These websites and books offer a wealth of information:

Crisis and life-affirming support

Reach out for help at any time.