The Center for Gender Health - Hormone Therapy

Gender Health - Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is an important part of gender affirmation, helping patients by suppressing characteristics of their birth gender and enhancing characteristics of the opposite gender.

The Gender Health Center team includes endocrinologists who are experienced and active in transgender health.

Services include:

  • Initiation and monitoring of hormone therapy. To help with gender affirmation, we use estrogens and anti-estrogens, androgens and antiandrogens, progesterone and aromatase inhibitors. Our providers also offer long-term monitoring and hormonal management to help patients safely achieve the desired gender.
  • Care management. Hormone therapy becomes a life-long care plan and our team is available for that long-term relationship, helping to adjust hormone levels to accommodate surgical interventions and respond to patient goals. We also monitor thyroid function and nutrient levels for any problems that can result from hormone therapy, as well as related weight gain and depression.

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