Survivorship Program

The emotions that come along with a cancer diagnosis and journey don’t simply turn off when treatment ends. At the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute, we’ve created the Center for Cancer Survivorship to help our patients and their loved ones move confidently into the next phase of life.

How the Center Can Help

The Center for Cancer Survivorship team helps coordinate care, supply information on nutrition and any needed rehabilitation, provide coping strategies for dealing with anxiety and depression and suggest relaxation techniques so you can live your healthiest life. 

We encourage you to take part in this program to maintain balance and optimal health.


Services provided by the Center for Cancer Survivorship include: 

  • A personalized treatment summary and survivorship care plan shared with your medical providers.
  • Follow-up surveillance recommendations based on your cancer diagnosis.
  • Classes and support groups for education on prevention, detection and possible late-term cancer treatment complications.
  • A list of local and national resources that address survivorship issues.
  • Information on post-cancer nutrition and exercise.
  • Identification and recommendations for any physical and/or psychosocial effects of your treatment.
  • Opportunity for referrals to other services such as nutrition, genetic counseling, smoking cessation, psychological counseling, social services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and integrative therapies such as massage and Reiki. 

Connecticut has many resources to support you on your journey. Visit the American Cancer Society in Connecticut for more information.

Our Team

Nurse practitioners and oncology nurse navigators across the Hartford HealthCare system coordinate Survivorship visits. They work closely with the oncology team, providing education and guidance to help you through any challenges you may have in achieving a healthy life after cancer treatment.

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