It’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed, anxious or depressed when confronted with a cancer diagnosis, even if you have never experienced mental health issues before.

Existing mental health issues can worsen with the stress of knowing you have cancer. We are here to support you and help you cope with cancer.

Nurse Navigators

Learning you have cancer can be frightening and overwhelming. Our Nurse Navigators offer a warm welcome into a world of cancer care.

How counseling can help

One of our social workers may refer you to counseling if continued care is required. Psycho-oncologists specialize in helping you during cancer treatment. They emphasize improving quality of life and providing care with dignity, integrity and compassion.

Counseling offers a way to cope with the emotional aspects of cancer. Individual counseling can help you maintain hope, gain perspective and learn ways to live your life to the fullest.

A counselor can also help you talk to your children about your cancer and how to cope with any reduced physical functioning.

Services and resources

Mental health experts provide individual counseling to cancer patients via virtual health. We encourage you to request individual counseling to help with emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety or coping.

Counseling team

The Cancer Institute counseling team includes a licensed clinical psychologist and licensed professional counselor, both of whom have psycho-oncology training, and a licensed psychiatrist.

Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute