Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine supplements the Cancer Institute’s high-tech cancer treatments with ancient wisdom and proven practices.

Integrative medicine can help you achieve a general sense of well-being, sleep better, increase your range of motion, improve digestion, relieve pain and relax. Our team is committed to providing the most appropriate and effective treatments for you.

How Integrative Medicine Can Help

Integrative medicine, also called complementary therapy, doesn't treat your cancer, but it can improve your quality of life during treatment.

Our programs address the physical aspects of healing. We’re also mindful that healing incorporates more than just the body's biological processes. The physical body's connection to the mind and spirit is vitally important.

When mind-body techniques are combined, you benefit on all three levels: mind, body and spirit.

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Meet Our Team


Integrative medicine includes physical, behavioral and manual health approaches offered in one-on-one sessions, group classes and through webinars and virtual appointments.

Services include:

  • Acupuncture: The acupuncturists – all of whom are nationally board-certified and licensed members of the adjunct medical staff -- apply tiny needles to specific points on the body that help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. 
  • Therapeutic art: Explore expressive and meditative art media in our classes.
  • Mindful movement: Group classes such as yoga and tai chi help minimize anxiety, reduce pain and improve healing.
  • Oncology massage. Massages can help relieve anxiety, pain, stiffness and muscle tension, while also improving your sleep. Our practitioners are licensed massage therapists and members of the adjunct medical staff.
  • Nutrition counseling: Our certified dietitians work with you and your caregiver to create a nutrition plan that helps you feel better and stay healthy. Educational materials tailored to dietary requirements are also available.
  • Reiki and therapeutic touch: Reiki, an energy therapy, is a gentle, hands-on relaxation technique that helps you feel calmer and more comfortable. It facilitates the healing of mind, body, and spirit. These sessions promote relaxation while reducing stress, anxiety and pain.

Help Through Surgery

As you prepare for surgery, you’ll meet with our integrative medicine physicians to develop your care plan of integrative therapies to address:

  • Pain management: Modalities for pain control include acupuncture, energy therapy, massage, hypnosis and guided imagery.
  • Inflammation management: Diet and supplement use can be combined with acupuncture, energy therapy and guided imagery to help deal with inflammation.
  • Achieving healthy sleep: Natural remedies can help you get better, more restful sleep.

Paying For Integrative Medicine

Many integrative medicine services are covered by insurance or workers' compensation, or offered free or at a reduced charge through support from the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute. When possible, please verify coverage with your insurance carrier and call us at 860.972.4444 for more information.

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