Support Services

From the moment you’re diagnosed with cancer, the Cancer Institute team offers support for you, your caregiver and other loved ones. It’s an important part of how we care for you throughout your cancer journey.

Based on our experience helping cancer patients, we understand much of what you might need -- whether it’s finding emotional support, a wig or tips for healthy eating.

But because every person’s cancer experience is unique, we also listen to your specific needs and tailor support services to meet them. Maybe it’s a ride to your appointments or suggestions for telling your children about the diagnosis.

Whatever you need to enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, we are here to help.

Cancer Support Includes:

  • Social Work: Our oncology social workers support you, your family and caregivers as you manage the physical and emotional stress of cancer treatment. They are trained to advocate on your behalf and help you advocate for yourself, including through the use of advance directives.
  • Nurse Navigators: Nurses designated and trained to quarterback your care, coordinate appointments and guide you through treatment.
  • Patient and Family Resource Center: Our staff addresses the unique challenges you and your family face with your cancer diagnosis.
  • Nutritional Information: We’ll help you eat well to maintain your strength, prevent infection and repair or rebuild damaged tissue during cancer treatment.
  • Support Groups and Classes: Here’s a great way to connect with others going through cancer treatment and survivorship, share tips and find a supportive community. Most of our support groups are now virtual, so you can join from the comfort of home.
  • Behavioral Counseling: Get help addressing the stress, anxiety and depression you might be feeling with your cancer diagnosis. We want to help you live your healthiest life during and after cancer treatment.
  • Integrative Therapies: Find new ways to ease the pain or anxiety you might experience from your cancer diagnosis or treatment. We offer such therapies as acupuncture, guided imagery; massage therapy, yoga, art therapy and Reiki to help your mind, body and spirit.
  • Shopping: Guidance is available when it’s time to find wigs, breast forms, mastectomy bras or other specialty items. Some of our locations offer on-site services and our social workers and other team members can connect you with resources in your community.
  • Survivorship Services: Get a personalized treatment summary and care plan that helps you adjust to life after cancer treatment.
  • Tobacco-cessation Services: We can help any patient who wants to quit smoking.

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