Consultation / Assistance

The Research Program encourages investigators to consult with the Senior Scientists during the initial design of the project and the preparation of the protocol. They can assist investigators with:

  • Framing the research questions
  • Methodological design issues
  • Statistical plan issues
  • Sample size issues/Power calculation
  • Data gathering tool design
  • Data collection or database design questions
  • Randomization and data collection strategies
  • Preparation of proposal protocol sections

It is best for investigators to do this early in the process and not wait until the study is conducted and they want help with analysis. This service is provided to all investigators by the Research Program as part of our mission of research excellence.

Research Councils

Some departments have working Research Councils – a group of clinician/investigators within the department that set priorities and can help discuss clinical relevance and scientific design.

Senior Scientists

Senior Scientists from the Research Program also are available after the analyses are completed for consultation/assistance with all aspects of dissemination of the results/findings:

  • Abstract preparation
  • Poster preparation
  • Oral/side presentation
  • Graph/figure creation
  • Manuscript preparation

Grants and Contracts

The Grants and Contracts Office assists members of the research community in pursuing and managing their research and development activities sponsored by internal and/or external agencies and organizations. The Office functions as the designated Department responsible for:

  • Reviewing and analyzing proposals before submission
  • Reviewing all contracts, subcontracts, and amendments
  • Preparing amended/revised budgets
  • Reviewing and approving extensions
  • Preparing requests to establish accounts
  • Monitoring contracts, subcontracts, and accounts activities

All proposals, grants, and contracts must be submitted through Grants and Contracts so that compliance with various sponsor, institution, or other regulations and guidelines pertaining to external funding can be assured.

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