Data Management

About Us

The Data Management Group (DMG) provides data management and statistical support to the Hartford HealthCare system. The DMG creates and maintains data warehouses for research projects, quality management, and operational support. We interact with the Human Research Protections Program (HRPP) and the Senior Scientist groups to manage data and provide consultation on design of data repositories, data extracts, reporting and analysis.

The DMG ensures patient data confidentiality and protection through secure, HIPAA-compliant data management systems and practices.

Below is a list of some of the things the DMG staff can help you with:

  • Database design, development, and support, including security, maintenance, and backup.
    • Application design, development, and support for research specific studies (desktop MSAccess, Excel, or SQL server based).
    • Application design, development, and support for departmental registries.
    • Conformation to HIPPA requirements.
    • Data cleaning.
    • Data retrieval.
  • Re-engineering of MS Access/SQL/Excel application to conform to a normalized relational database design
  • Analysis
    • Exploratory analysis using SQL, Access, Excel.
    • Function/Class development.
    • Customized data capture to SPSS, Excel.
    • Syntax development to recode, compute, and define variables.
    • Custom report design with statistical results for univariate and multivariate analysis.
  • iRIS
  • REDCap
    • o Education and assistance with free web-based data collection tool.
    • Design and implement on-line forms, surveys, databases & registries.
    • Web-based structure allows all HHC partners to share tools and data.
    • Export of data, reports, certificates in a variety of formats.
    • Assistance and technical support
    • Click here for the REDCap login page

Data Management Planning

Click here for a tool to assist in the drafting of a data management plan for federal funding.

EPIC Data for Research Purposes

The DMG has the capacity to extract EPIC data from patients and research subjects. This serves the following research objectives:

  • Cohort discovery for preparatory to research purposes.
  • Collection of retrospective data on current study participants.

In addition to data extractions from EPIC, we anticipate having access to the HHC Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) which will contain a vast quantity of linked clinical data that can be queried to explore and answer an extensive assortment of research questions. DMG staff can serve to guide you through the process of defining, collecting, and analyzing data retrieved from these sources.

Jeff Mather
Director, Data Management for Research Administration

Research Technical Support (REDCap and iRIS)