REDCap at Hartford HealthCare

What is REDCap?

REDCap is a free, secure, web-based application which offers research and medical institutions a safe medium to build forms to capture custom data points.  Unlike many third-party form-building tools, data entered into REDCap is kept securely on Hartford HealthCare servers.  


  • REDCap allows you to create web-forms, surveys, questionnaires and databases; all online.
  • These tools can be filled in by anyone: research participants, HHC employees, patients, even the general public.
  • PHI can be requested / entered into REDCap since all the data is secured behind HHC ITS security protocols.
  • Each REDCap project has settings to control everyone who can access the project and its data.  
  • There are multiple methods of distributing the surveys: including web links, email lists & QR codes.
  • It is easy to learn how to build projects in REDCap.  Most users are able to understand the basics of REDCap design in less than an hour.
  • It is fully supported.  REDCap has a dedicated support team to assist you with your questions and projects.
  • It is free for HHC employees to use for business purposes.  You can build as many projects as you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to REDCap?
Just open any browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and type “” into the address box. 

How do I log into REDCap?
Once you are on the REDCap login screen, just enter your HHC Username and Password (not email address).  These are the same ones you would use to log into an HHC computer or EPIC.

If I work for Hartford Healthcare, do I need to be given permission to access REDCap?
No.  All HHC employees automatically have access to our REDCap. You do not need to install anything or request an account. Just log into REDCap once to activate your account.

How do I get access to a specific project in REDCap?
The REDCap Support team generally does not provide access to specific projects. To get access to an existing project, contact the project creator or project manager and ask them to add you to the project.

How do I add new users to my projects?
In your REDCap project, look for the User Rights link.  Note: If you cannot find the user in the lookup box, it could be because the user has not yet activated their account.  A user needs to have logged into REDCap at least once before they can be added to a project.

What do I do if my password is not working?
Your password is the same one you use to log into a PC or EPIC.  It changes for REDCap when you change your HHC password.  If you have saved your password in the browser, try typing your password manually.  This is the mostly likely cause of password failures.

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