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The Research Program at Hartford Hospital provides statistical consult and analyses for investigator- initiated research studies. There is normally a cost for this service but negotiated accommodations can be made.

A sample size/power calculation is required for all protocols. A Senior Scientist from the Research Program can be instrumental in generating the sample size for the study, or calculating power/precision available from a defined sample size. It is strongly recommended that you consult with the Research Program for powering your study, especially if you are planning to conduct an investigator-initiated trial for which informed consent will be required.

As part of generally accepted criteria for substantive contributions to studies, in most cases, it is expected/appropriate that Senior Scientists be included for co-authorship on abstracts and manuscripts. This will help to promote research at Hartford HealthCare, as well as establishing the Senior Scientist as part of the investigator’s group on future research endeavors. The Senior Scientist should always be allowed to review a draft of any written work before it is submitted.

For investigators to have a better understanding of research concepts and statistical analysis, the Senior Scientists provide didactic sessions as part of graduate education. A full statistical presentation is available below:

Part 1   |   Part 2   |   Part 3   |   Part 4

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