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The Morningside Group Teams Up With Hartford HealthCare to Advance Digital Health Innovations

December 09, 2022

The Morningside Group and Hartford HealthCare (HHC) today signed a partnership agreement to advance the development of innovative digital health products and technologies.

Together, the organizations will select and work with a series of pilot programs for digital health innovations. Morningside, which has been partnering with health systems globally to accelerate the impact of digital health on care delivery, will work with HHC to identify care gaps and opportunities that can be met either by existing portfolio companies or by developing novel solutions. HHC will provide the expertise to collect and validate data and outcomes — advancing successful digital health innovations, improving the quality of care and lowering the cost of care delivery while improving clinician workflow and quality of life.

“Hartford HealthCare wants to work with the best progressive and pioneering partners to transform healthcare — in Connecticut and across the globe,” said Jeffrey A. Flaks, HHC’s president and chief executive officer. “Digital technologies have immense potential to enable better, less expensive, health interventions and improve outcomes. We are not content to be on the sidelines in this work. The future of health starts here.”

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The partnership has four key objectives:

  • Improve health outcomes for patients.
  • Advance technologies that can provide earlier disease diagnosis.
  • Enable preventative care through non-invasive monitoring.
  • Deliver health interventions at lower cost with better outcomes.

“At Morningside, we believe that the innovations which will transform healthcare delivery tomorrow are being developed today, and that digital tools have matured to a state where they can now have a clinically relevant impact on outcomes, utilization, equity, and workflow,” said Gerald Chan, chairman of the Morningside Group. “We are proud to partner with an innovative system like Hartford HealthCare to test these hypotheses in the real world, and work together to improve both the practice of medicine and health outcomes across the board.”

Morningside and HHC already share work with one Connecticut-based company, Wellinks. The firm, backed by Morningside, HighCape Capital, and CT Innovations, has entered into a collaboration agreement with HHC to accelerate its digital health portfolio. Wellinks is working to improve outcomes of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including reducing hospital re-admissions.

The announcement comes during HHC’s “Innovation Week,” which celebrates how the system is developing advanced tools, working with pioneering partners and advancing fresh approaches to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, equitable and excellent for the people and communities it serves.

Earlier in the week, HHC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Connecticut Innovations, the state’s strategic venture capital arm, under which HHC will provide clinical expertise to enable healthcare innovators to test their concepts and products, accelerate their work, and bring safe, cost-effective healthcare solutions to market. Last month, HHC announced a partnership with Google Cloud, to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to make healthcare data more accessible and actionable.

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