As an integral part of the successful implementation and use of the Epic electronic health record, training is focused on providing users with the tools to perform the essential parts of your job from day one. Training includes a combination of eLearning, classroom instruction, and small group personalization labs.

These sessions include exercises to practice what you learn with access to a practice environment after completing training.

  • Training will be offered in multiple locations, days, evenings, weekends
  • Close to 1000 SuperUsers will be trained in all clinical and non-clinical areas, and will receive early and extended training
  • Length of end-user training will vary depending on role, generally between 12 - 16 hours on average
  • After initial training sessions, users will be given access to a playground environment to allow for practice in the new EHR
  • Playground time is very important and is a required part of training
  • Personalization labs will be utilized to assist in customizing the EHR to individual work-styles and preferences
  • CME credits will be available for completed training

An important component of any EHR training is practice:

  • Providers can practice how to place an order, write a note, and/or document a procedure by performing the tasks directly in the EHR
  • You will perfect the fundamentals of the EHR application which is critical for learning workflow and gaining new knowledge about the system
  • Providers who spend time practicing in the playground have seen minimal disruption in their work and a quick return to full productivity.

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