Hartford Healthcare’s Clinical Imaging Integration Platform


Ready to share Radiology/Cardiology (DICOM) images with Hartford HealthCare?

Open this to see brief instructions

  1. Click the “Send Images to Hartford HealthCare” button above.
    This will take you to the LifeImage Connections page for Hartford Healthcare
  2. When the LifeImage Connections page loads, click the “Request a Connection” button
  3. Complete the “Patient Information” and “Contact Information” sections and click the “Send Request” button
  4. You will receive an email with the subject “Connection Request to Hartford Healthcare Diagnostic Imaging” in the email you provided.  This is to notify you that your request for a new connection has been received.
  5. You will receive a second email with a subject “Welcome” a minute or two later that confirms your request has been approved and processed.  Click the “Get Started” link in the email.
  6. A legal terms and conditions screen will display. Scroll down and click “Accept” to begin uploading images to be sent.
  7. Use the “Browse for Exams” button to upload DICOM images from a CD or file folder.
Need More Help?

Your organization is already setup to send images to Hartford HealthCare and you are having problems.