Our Team

The CareConnect team consists of more than 160 staff members with clinical, financial, registration, nursing, informatics, IT, project management, and training.

Other areas of expertise include:

  • 8 Physicians (full- and part-time on CareConnect team)
  • Consultants
  • Epic Staff from Verona, Wisconsin
  • More than 1000 Subject Matter Experts from every area and region of Hartford
  • HealthCare
  • Clinical Councils
  • Advisory Committees
  • Operations Teams
  • Workgroups

CareConnect Leadership​

Executive Sponsor

Rocco Orlando, MD
Senior Vice President
Chief Medical Officer
Hartford HealthCare

Project Sponsor

Jonathan Velez, MD
Vice President
Chief Medical Information Officer
Hartford HealthCare

Application Directors

Michelle Codianna
Program Operations Director

Mona Heredia
Program Management Director

Elise Sinha
Acute Director

Brian Jaworowski
Ambulatory Director

Michelle Codianna
Home Health Director

Dean Simmons
Marketing Director

Joe Hurley
Reporting Manager

Jennifer Lewis
Revenue Cycle Director

Robert Schwarm
Technical Director

Ellie McAuliffe
Testing Manager

Sharon Casey
Training Director

Kathy Martin
Ambulatory Manager


Lincoln Abbott, MD

Jennifer Bellino, MD

Jennifer Clark, MD

Spencer Erman, MD

Fadi Hammami, MD

Marc Palter, MD

Fred Rubin, MD

Barry Stein, MD

Jonathan Velez, MD

Hartford HealthCare