About CareConnect

CareConnect’s team of dedicated employees is working diligently to help Hartford HealthCare become better connected with patients and physicians through a new, robust electronic medical record system.

CareConnect will use Epic software to create a secure, digital home for health information for almost all of the entities within Hartford HealthCare.

Available to both patients and caregivers, it will provide a single medical record for patients that can utilized no matter where they access care within our system.

Patients will be able to view their own medical record through a secure digital portal at their convenience to track things like appointments, test results, and more. Doing so will minimize rework, including the need for patients to complete multiple registration forms and health histories. The system will make information more easily accessible and will help add overall value to our patients’ experiences.

While the Epic platform is the major foundation of the system, CareConnect has additional components. It will connect patients and providers to medical images – through ImageConnect – and will have the tools to help assist clinicians use information and data – Clinical Analytics – in the best way.

Culture Change

The implementation of Epic represents more than just a replacement of current technology systems. It is a culture change that will affect the workflows and methods of thousands of staff and physicians and the way we go about doing our jobs. Epic provides us with a new foundation and platform for collaboration, coordination, minimizing unnecessary variation, and shared accountability.

What is Driving our EHR Transition?

  • Patient Safety
  • Integrated Patient Care and transitions of care
  • Meaningful Use and other regulatory objectives and incentives
  • ICD-10 (October 2015)
  • The need for Analytics
  • Strategic positioning of Hartford HealthCare

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