Our board certified urologists assess and treat a number of common urology problems. When needed, are able to bring in experts for those with more complex conditions.​

From urinary tract infections to congenital urologic conditions requiring consistent monitoring and sometimes surgical intervention, our team cares for men and women with urinary tract problems, as well as issues of the male reproductive organs. Some of the congenital urologic conditions they care for include hydronephrosis, duplex kidney, duplicated ureter, horseshoe kidney and cystic kidney disease.

General urology patients benefit from treatment by urologists who are part of a multi-disciplinary team of fellowship trained sub-specialists. Whenever needed, they bring in particular expertise in every area of urology and nephrology, all within the same medical system.

Tallwood’s general urology practice offers innovative treatments for urinary tract problems, and is a leader in minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Conditions We Treat

Discover the conditions our urologic specialists treat at the Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute.

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